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Tantric Fantasies and Realities

In the public imagination, it seems Tantra is still synonymous with happy-ending massages, wild sexual orgies and staring into the eyes of strangers who are butt-naked, just like you. While this version of Tantra is certainly doing its bit for shaking up rigid sexual mind-sets, it’s a far way off from the essence of Tantric […]

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Call Me Daddy’s Little Girl

I’m deep in the throes of what I thought was a passionate sexual attraction. Clothes are coming off, hearts are beating fast, lips and sexual organs are colliding. I’m looking deep into his eyes – and then I discover – he’s not really looking at me. Suddenly, I remember: ah, we’re doing that again. We’re

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Relationship Hygiene 101

When it comes to relationships, dare I say probably you, like me, have embarrassing tendencies, like getting really co-dependent or commitment-phobic? Of course the easy solution is to blame your partner for being a narcissist or some similarly impressive-sounding psychological misfit. Looking around in my own life and on social media gives me enough evidence

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When the feminine takes over

In my last post to you, I’ve described what happens when your inner masculine is in balance – and what it looks and feels like when he gets out of balance. Now you’re probably wondering about your feminine. Yup, we all have an inner feminine (guys, spend a moment entertaining yourself by imagining her). When

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What is Liquid Body Aliveness?

Most of us treat our bodies as functional objects moving around in space, and we only pay attention to them when they don’t do what we want them to do. What would it be like to live from inside the sensual aliveness of a body that is pulsing with the rhythm of the cosmos and moving in seamless oneness with life, like a river merging with the ocean? Rather than being the object of your life’s story – or the main character -. what would it be like to be the subject of your experience – the one who is moment to moment at play, from the inside of life, within this sensing-feeling-tasting-touching body of yours?

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