Become Like Water

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Become Like Water

Meditation-WaterImagine becoming like water. Have you ever watched the ocean as it swirls and spins? Water has no single mood. It is forever changing. Now those waves are foaming, now they are calm. Now they pull you in this direction and that, covering you with gushes of sand. Now they lie at your feet, tranquil like babies. And who knows what tomorrow will bring?

Whenever you enter water – whether it be a shower, a pool, a river – watch yourself melting into it, becoming one with it. Allow your limbs to float, or to give way as easily as the drops falling down from your shower. Feel the resistance of your skin releasing, the wonder of the moment emerging – merging – into your being.

This is the gift of water. It brings you present to the delight of the moment. First, it washes away the stuckness, the thoughts, the things you have been holding on to. Then it starts to play with you. Always the game is new. See whether you can notice what it is today. And play along, by all means! Water loves an imaginative response.

Water does not keep itself separate. It becomes one with the moods and textures of what is around. It swirls around rocks and bodies and leaves, making patterns that intimately echo what it finds there.   When the moon vanishes, the waves leap up into the sky, in wild expectation of the new face which she will bring with her return. When the gales come, the surface of the sea makes gigantic curves, expressing the awesome majesty of its power. Those waves can demolish a boat with one brief slap. And then suddenly they can turn calm again, with not a trace of the destructive power that had left the boat wrecked.

Can you allow yourself to blend with the mood of the moment, like water? If the wind is ruffling the water, allow yourself to be ruffled. If the water is mellow and motionless, be still in it. If it is wild, enter the wildness. You will be surprised how wonderful you feel after walking through a muddy rain, if you do so with presence and willingness. It washes, it changes you, it brings new energy.

Notice the resistances in the water, and flow around them. Let your hands float down your body in the shower, feeling the unique movements of water over hair, bellybuttons, pelvic bones. You do not need a lover to enjoy the sensual delight of touch! Now let your hands, your body even, float up against what else is there – the shower curtains, the taps, moss on rocks in a river, the tiles of the pool. Enjoy the contact, the touch.

As you touch, imagine the boundaries disappear between you and that which you are touching. Imagine yourself no longer being the one who touches. Be touched by those tiles. Enjoy their coolness. Feel how the coolness of the tiles becomes a coolness within you. Become one with the rock. Let its energy, its vitality, rise up into you. Just allow. Just for the moment, allow yourself to forget that you were a person with a certain name and a certain personal history. Let that which touches you, become one with you. And from there, allow your field of experience to expand. Feel how that which you are touching – the rock, the sand, the tiles – are part of something greater, and then of something greater yet. Feel the energy ripple, until you feel yourself connected to the whole of this moving, vibrating, forming cosmos. Breathe in the light, the vitality, of the great expanse. You are at one with all that is.

This fluidity is what opens you up to your greatest creative ability. What you are doing, in effect, is to make love to all that is. You are allowing the sexual energy of the universe to flow through you. Sexual energy is another word for creative energy. It is a force of vitality, joy, ecstasy and surrender that seeds, impregnates, cultivates, creates. It connects the Source within you to the Source of all that is. In this act of fluidity, you experience your oneness with all that is, and thus all boundaries – all limits to your creative expression – disappear.

Practice living your life as though you are moving through water. Begin by becoming more fluid, open and available in places where this is your natural tendency, for instance, while having a conversation with a trusted friend, or while gardening. Experiment with allowing the boundaries between you and the other to merge. In the conversation, become one with your friend. Notice how you are creating one conversation, and how the direction from which the voices comes is just a play of difference. When you plant seeds in the soil, feel you fingers that do the planting, merging with the soil.

Exercise fluidity especially in the places where you tend to get stuck and rigid – like the difficult places in your working life. Identify which those are, and then practice being more fluid. Say you are sitting in an interview or a meeting with someone towards whom you feel some antagonism. Observe yourself having this feeling. Then become aware of your heart. Become aware of the connection between your heart and that of the person in front of you. If you look into another person’s eyes – any person – and really look, you will see their soul. Once you truly see the soul, the boundaries instantly disappear.


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