I Bow to the Guru in You

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I Bow to the Guru in You


The Western approach to the guru has been overtaken by a rather shallow interpretation of the saying: “If you meet the Buddha on the road, kill him.” We are too quick to dismiss all things sacred because of our resistance to the oppression that has come with organized religion. We are fiercely focused on our independence and sovereignty.


And yet, as I sit here today feeling You who is reading this, my being bows in reverence. I see the guru in you – Consciousness, the true Self, unstoppably emanating from you, as from all life, in a unique way. And meeting you, guides me deeper into the unfathomable depths of discovery in the inner realms.


My gratitude is like a fountain that can’t help itself from overflowing – untidily, unproductively, out of control, and giggling as it goes. I thank you for touching my existence, even if just through your eyes gazing over these letters today. I thank all those who have shared with me in this teaching so courageously, so intimately, offering raw and tender and beautiful parts of yourself to the meeting. I wonder if you have any idea what an astounding privilege it has been for me. Where the doorways of love have been opened, they will remain open forever.


I bow to the guru in you

I bow to your divine essence

May you know yourself as That.


As a small token of my gratitude, I offer to you on Monday 4th May at 9am PT a free call in which I respond to 7 of the most potent, most secret questions women across the world have been asking me in the quest to awaken their feminine sexual essence. Please join me, and let your friends know. I will be offering a further gift at this time.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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