Celebrate the Sacred Sexual Women

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Celebrate the Sacred Sexual Woman

In my previous post, I introduced you to the first of three feminine sexual archetypes that need transforming in our time. The first one was the Virgin, and the next archetype is the Whore.The Whore is society’s scapegoat — she is judged by everyone from celibate priests to AIDS-preaching pharmaceutical companies. She is also celebrated, as by the rock star Madonna.


If we travel through the shadow land of the Whore archetype, we will find that at its core, this archetype has a message that our society desperately needs to hear. It is this:


Celebrate your sexuality! It is powerful… and it is divine! 


There is a power and liberation in exploring the range of your sexuality between these two polarities:


1. Go Wild

We human beings have become too tamed. It’s time to find again…
…your slithering snake belly that feels her delight
your tiger claws that cut through niceties and protects love
your lioness roar that says what she wants, loudly and clearly.


Bring your animal self into your life. Bring her into your bedroom. Find your own authentic way. Stop holding back energy. Give yourself fully to life. You’d be surprised how your partner will delight in this wild creature coming out of you.


Whenever I let my authentic life force move through my body, without censoring or manipulating it, the man in my life responds with delicious aliveness in his body and his eyes – and he is magnetized to me. Sometimes that wildness comes out  in me with claws – and sometimes it comes out with a ferocious embrace and a passionate declaration: I LOVE YOU!!!


2. Go Subtle

To really celebrate our sexuality, we need also to honor the profound subtlety that is at the heart of sex. Discover that subtlety by going inside. Close your eyes, and journey with your breath all the way down your body, into your pelvic bowl. Drop into the swirling molten honey of your internal desire body. Feel the subtle undulations and ripples that come from that pelvic bowl.


Now connect with your genitals and feel the fine currents of energy that start to run through them as you bring your breath and your attention to them. Really enjoy this feeling — soak it in.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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