Deep Sexuality is the Meeting of Heaven and Earth

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Deep Sexuality is the Meeting of Heaven and Earth

Deep sexuality is a quality of lovemaking – with ourselves or with another – that is totally given to Truth and Love. Shallower forms of sexuality leave room for sex to be about mutual gratification, excitement, entertainment, releasing tension, validation, biochemical changes of state or power games. Deep sexuality is a total surrender of our personal will to higher will. Such lovemaking does not happen at will – the same way that the rain will not come because we will it to do so. At the moment when heaven and earth come together, when there has been enough heat rising up from earth and enough intensification in the sky, the heavens will open up, and give us rain.

In a relationship with self or with another where sexuality is in service of awakening, then lovemaking paradoxically also happens all the time. We do not have to wait to come together genitally to experience profound union. Our bodies open to each other on increasingly fine and ecstatic levels. As the consciousness of the one opens to another level, this touches the consciousness of the partner. Like the clap of thunder in the distance, we suddenly realize that an unexpected – and possibly shattering – outpouring of grace is about to come over us, through the opening of our beloved.

When the masculine and feminine come together in us or in relationship with another, we have Heaven on Earth – Radiant Sexual Aliveness coming from Pure Presence. The presence of the deep feminine calls the masculine to purify his consciousness and show up with ever increasing levels of presence. This awakened consciousness in the masculine opens the body of the feminine to a sexual aliveness that radiates profound beauty. Deep sexuality is the meeting of heaven and earth. The lovemaking that happens in this meeting gives birth to new galaxies and a quality of embodied love that is hard to imagine before having entered into the experience.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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