Eyes of Love

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Eyes of Love

EyesOfLoveWhen we start living with greater awareness, our consciousness literally rises. The world at large has been trapped in the play of power for quite some time now, and that is what we have been using our energy for. We feel ourselves the victims of circumstances, and struggle to conquer them — to get ‘control over our lives’. In the process, we trample over hearts — our own, and each other’s.   We do this as individuals, nations, and as a global phenomenon.

But awareness is causing our energy to rise. As we start to notice that we are not who we think we are — not the limited personality, but the Eternal Self — we let go of the struggle for power. As this happens, our intense focus on the third chakra — our centre of egoic power — releases. The energy starts rising up into the heart. Many people today speak of this rising as a movement from the third dimension into the fourth. The third dimension is an expression of third chakra dynamics. Thus we have seen in the past cycle of human existence much focus on personal achievement, and the impulse of nations to gain dominion over each other’s wealth and territory. The fourth dimension is an expression of fourth chakra dynamics, which are motivated by unconditional love.

Expressions of power in our world are very visible and concrete. We have come to see them as ‘reality’. The expression of unconditional love is much less visible to us, and remains more of an ideal than a reality for the majority of people. Now, I have started to notice an interesting phenomenon happening to people on the path of awakening.   As we move more into our heart centre, we feel as though we are becoming invisible to the world — as though who we are, and what we are giving, is not being seen. This is because the energy of the fourth dimension which is being expressed through us more now is more reified, more refined — than that of the third dimension. The eyes of most people — and certainly, the eyes of consensus reality — are not trained yet to perceive this frequency as ‘real’.

There is another reason why the journey of ascension into the fourth (and higher) dimensions may feel like moving into the invisible. The process of surrendering into the heart takes us into a moving inwards to Source, an ego death. This is a typical expression of the Feminine Divine. Archetypically, core feminine energy is that which enables the dying, the letting go, the becoming invisible. Masculine energy brings the new expression, and is more visible, especially in third dimensional reality.

What I have found for myself, is that feeling like I am not being seen, pulls me into worthlessness, self-doubt and even self-abandonment. I have been asking Spirit please to give me some guidance about this dilemma. I have no desire to deny the beauty of this ascension which is happening through me, but I would like to be seen, to participate in shared reality.

Spirit answered me with one of those fantastically lateral responses. I was guided to start doing a gazing meditation every day. As I sat, Spirit showed me an exercise that would fulfil my need to be seen. It is a simple adaptation of the gazing meditation I had been doing. I share it with you.

Sit down in a meditative posture, in front of a mirror — preferably a full-body one. Start gazing into your own eyes. Notice what happens, without any judgments. You may find a range of emotional states passing through you. Just notice them, and let them be. Be compassionate, but not identified. You may notice changes in what you see – the shape of your face, in the light, the colours, the energy. Notice all these things lightly, and keep gazing.

As you look into your own eyes, see them as the eyes of love looking at you. Look at yourself with unconditional love. Feel the connection between your eyes and your heart. See your eyes as the windows of eternity. See Spirit — your soul, divine Love — looking at you through your eyes.

In the beginning, it may appear as though the gaze that meets yours, seems to be unloving — critical, judgmental, angry, sad, aggressive. Notice this appearance, and let it go. Look deeper into your eyes. Notice the impulse to pull away, and let it go. Keep gazing. And you will find something quite amazing starts happening. What exactly that will be, I have no way of predicting. But wait, and watch, without expectations. And, you will see for yourself.

If we look at ourselves with awareness, we give our souls — our essential Self — opportunity to look back at us. Invariably, it doesn’t matter who we are or what we have done with our lives, we come to see that our essence is pure Love. Everything that we see, is an expression of that Love. Sometimes, love is disguised as non-love. But even our states of anger and judgment contain within them pure Love. Because in essence, there is nothing that is not love. Love is all that is.

This is a mystical realisation which will come to you through your own experience. This gazing exercise is a simple way to call that experience into your life. I recommend that you do this exercise for forty minutes every day for two weeks. It will transform the way that you look at yourself, and at reality. And, perhaps for the first time in your life, you will really feel that you are being seen .

When the seeing happens, write it down. Paint it. Dance it. Express it in whatever way you can. Make a practice of acknowledging it, and anchoring it into your everyday reality. Let it move you into expressing who you are, from your core.
The meditation comes from Osho’s The Everyday Meditator. I highly recommend it for those wishing to explore new ways of turning life into an active — and silent — meditation.


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