How to be a Skydancer

How to be a Skydancer


kundalini-shaktiIn the Tibetan Tantric tradition, a woman whose sexual energy is awake is called a Dakini – which, literally translated, means Skydancer. While traditionally the Dakini is worshipped as a deity, it is understood that the essence of the Dakini lives in every woman. She is activated through a process of spiritual realization, or returning to the discovery of her true nature.

As woman discovers that she is not her ego or her story and relaxes back into a state of Oneness, it is possible that her sexuality will awaken as a movement of oneness. I am saying this is possible and not definite, as many women who evolve spiritually still keep the door of their sexuality closed so that Spirit can’t blow through and occupy this space. There are many reasons for this resistance, including belief systems that separate spirituality and sexuality.

The Dakini comes alive in a woman whose self realization includes the return of her sexual energy to its Creator – or to our very own Divine Nature. In effect, this is the end of Sex as we knew it. Awakened sexual energy doesn’t serve a Somebody – it is the force of Life itself that moves through us like the Amazon river, clearing out its way everything which doesn’t reflect Pure Essence.

Whereas self-identified sexual energy tends to express only genitally, awakened sexual energy moves up through the energetic pathways of the subtle body. Tantric masters over the ages have identified 72 000 nadis or subtle energy centers in our body. These come together in 7 chakras or main energy points along the shushumna or central highway of subtle sexual energy.

The shushumna is located just in front of the spine and is the centralized place that our energy rests in when we enter samadhi or the state of unity consciousness. We can practice resting in this state through meditation or through the practice that I call Skydancing. Through conscious relaxation of the body, visualization, directed breath and subtle movement, we activate sexual energy and guide it up the shushumna and into the heart. When sexual energy enters into the heart, it creates a ‘heart orgasm’ or flooding of unconditional love that flows over into our arms and hands, with the result that our entire body, including our arms and hands, starts dancing into the sky. While sexual energy keeps rushing up through the body, this movement happens in total relaxation. When it enters out through the crown of the head, we enter into our eternal nature, pure stillness, and absolute ecstasy.

When the energy of Skydancing is activated in a woman, she can bring this quality to her lovemaking. Sexual encounter with her then becomes an invitation for the beloved to meet their own divinity. Entering into the yoni of the Dakini means entering into the temple of the Divine.

A word of caution about Skydancing

It is in the nature of the ego that it likes to imitate the real. Thus, as a word of caution, let me say this. When the energy of the Dakini moves through you, it will have you bowing down, not claiming superiority or accomplishment or the right to control sexual partners, and in particular men. And skydancing is not a movement of the body that one can learn like dancing the Tango. It is the result of the body’s surrender to Life herself.

In my course Awakening Your Feminine Sexual Essence I offer myself to you as a guide into the discovery of your Dakini nature. This discovery happens through the release of obstacles to the selfless movement of Life through us as sexual energy, and through the awareness practice of entering the subtle body. When the Dakini wakes up in us, our heads (or our limited ideas about ourselves) come off and we are free to dance in the limitless sky. We become the love we have been waiting for, guided by Life herself so as to clear any imitations of love that have come through our over-giving, codependent or power-hoarding  past displays of love.

Join a sisterhood of women from across the world as we hold hand in the return to your original essence as embodiments of the Dakini principle.

See my video introduction to the experience of Skydancing

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