Living From Your Core

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Living From Your Core

Meditation-CoreIn the centre of your belly is a star of vibrating energy. Humans have come to see this energy as sexual energy, and in a way it is. It is the generative power of the universe that rests there in your core. It knows no limits and no boundaries, its expression is orgasmic beyond words. But whereas ordinary human experience of sexual ecstasy is temporary and passes quickly, this energy which lives in the belly never diminishes. It comes directly from Source. It is given to us to enable us to do Mother’s work. And Mother’s work, as you know by now, is that of manifesting – bringing into form – the unmanifest form of Spirit transcendental. When we create from our core, we do not fall into limitation. Every seed that we plant, carries the full potential of the whole.

Let us begin by having an experience of what this energy feels like. If you can, have a shower or a swim in natural water before you do this exercise. Then sit down gently on a chair where you can feel your spine extending upwards. Be aware of the structure of your spine, how each vertebrae is packed on top of the previous. Allow each one of them to settle in perfect balance, opening your heart area and balancing your head.

Close your eyes gently. Imagine yourself looking inward. Directly behind your eyes, in the centre of your head, there is a dynamic energy point which is the home of soemo essential glands. Focus on this point for a while. Imagine it having a deep cobalt-blue colour. Now let your attention drop straight down from that point right into the pit of your belly. Feel in there a point of vibrating energy.   That is your star centre. If you look into this place, you will see a whole galaxy of stars. These stars are spinning slowly, moving inwards, into the unfathomable depths of your being. From this eternal place, the stars spin out again, into the full galaxy of light and vitality in your body.

Sit in the awareness of this spinning energy for a while. Just relax into it. Keep your attention to a focused point in the centre of your belly. Breathe into this point, and feel it expanding. Breathe out, and feel it contracting, relaxing inwards. Do this for a while. Breathe in, breathe out. Let yourself fall into eternity. If you allow for it to happen, this experience can be truly orgasmic.

Notice what happens to you as you sit in your centre. What experiences pass through you? Every now and again, take your attention to the connection between the centre of your belly, and that point in the centre of your head where we started. See a line of cobalt blue energy running up and down between the two energy points. And then relax back into the centre of your belly. Do this until you feel deeply connected to your core again.

You can do this simple breathing exercise whenever you feel off balance – when you feel indecisive, out of your centre, confused, disconnected, lonely. If you have a question that needs answering, go to your centre. Do the breathing. Drop your question like a star into the galaxy of stars inside you. And then wait for it to show you its light. Let your mind go quiet. Let go of the question. Don’t expect to hear the answer. Just quietly continue with your life, and you will see: the answer will start living itself through you.

This is called living from your core.

Our core is the place from which our purest creation comes. If you go to your centre, you will know what you want to create, and you will do so with much less effort that if you try to create by force. In your centre, you are connected to All that Is. From here, you can create anything you want. And paradoxically, the going to the core takes away the urge to act in personal interest – so personal desire drops away. We create from a place of universal will and not from the designs of the individual mind.

Let’s experience this together.

Take a moment to write about what you want to create in your life. What is it that you want to manifest? Then take place in your chair again, feeling your spine lengthened and light. Turn your eyes inwards to the point right in the middle of your head behind your eyes. Rest there for a while. Then let your gaze drop straight down from there into the pit of your belly. Sense again that place where you have been before, the galaxy of stars spinning inwards into eternity, and outwards again into the vast expanse.Then start following your breathing. Follow the stars inwards as you breathe out, and outward – expanding – as you breathe in. Do this for a while.

Then, without changing the rhythm of your breath, drop your dream of what you want to create like a star into the galaxy inside you. Watch it spinning in and out, like a star in a galaxy – with the outbreath, moving inwards, into the void, with the inbreath, being propelled outwards, into unlimited space, with the outbreath moving inwards, with the inbreath moving outwards. Then imagine yourself catching that star on an inbreath, as it moves outwards through the galaxy. Hold it in your hands, with gentle reverence. Feel its pulsation. Let it grow. Let your star take space. Notice what images, thoughts, words or sensations play in this star space. Then step inside the space of your star. How do you experience yourself in the space? What do you find yourself doing? Really surrender into the experience. Allow it to happen.

Gently allow the experience to condense back into the star that you had held in the palm of your hand. Imagine yourself swallowing the star, allowing it to go back to your core, in the centre of your belly. Become aware again of your breathing, and gradually come back to your normal consciousness. Take time to write, draw or paint what you saw. Make a prayer or write an intention, asking that the energy which you have stirred up by doing this exercise, will serve to manifest the highest expression of who you are.

In the weeks and months to come, watch to see how your dream starts unfolding. When new visions and experiences come, add them to what you have already written or drawn. Let the picture unfold, and honour it with your recognition.


Falling into eternity

Let this heart

Be broken open

Into the beauty

Of eternal mother’s smile.


What is inside

This tender heart




Into a love

That cannot

Be contained

By this my single body.

I open to the multitude

The manifold expressions

Of the One

I fall

Into the arms of eternity

And my broken heart



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