Lovers Unite Beyond Identities that Divide

Lovers Unite Beyond Identities that Divide

There is a force in this world stronger than any attempt by any superpower to create division, animosity and war between people. It is the force of Love. Whether we live in the Amazon or New York City, whether we are 14 or 94, black or white, straight, gay or transgender, rich or poor – Love is what makes our humanity sing.

For too long have we been defining ourselves as human beings through categories of inclusion and exclusion, through unconscious hegemonies of power held by those with the most mainstream and dominant identities. It is brutally clear by now that this way of co-existing is only creating war and destruction.

But what do we have left if we drop the labels that define us? What if we could get in underneath our understandings of gendered, racial and sexual identities – and meet ourselves, and each other, in the naked, innocent purity of Love?  What if love as erotic attraction becomes a universal force that unifies rather than divides us?

Can we truly start to imagine a world which is ABOUT making love, and not war? And can we stand together – speak together – create together – a world which goes beyond every definition we have ever known – a world built entirely from us following 100% the knowing of our hearts?

These are some of the questions asked in the Soulmate Within Summit – a online worldwide summit in which leaders in awakened consciousness explore the radical possibilities available us in our inner and outer relationship life.

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