Personal Love Up the Chakras

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Personal Love Up the Chakras

This article is an exploration of personal love-attraction as it moves up the chakras. My focus here will be on the healthy impulse of attraction in each chakra.

First chakra (perineum/root of the body): Your relationship is infused with vitality. The procreative impulse is strong. There is heated passion between you, fiery attraction. You feel grounded in this relationship.

Second chakra (just under navel): The relationship gives you a sense of belonging, comfort, loyalty to yourself, and gentleness.

Third chakra (solar plexus): You are in this relationship out of pure delight and personal attraction, rather than out of a sense that society or your tribe will approve. You feel expansive, strong in your sense of self and a flow of healthy personal power in your relating.

Fourth chakra (heart): Your loving is an expression of unconditional love; you both have the capacity to hold your hearts that open. Your love for all that is expands through your loving of each other. You are gateways for each other towards the awakening of the heart. The sensation in your lovemaking is that your heart expands tremendously.

Fifth chakra (throat): Your loving is a co-creating with the divine. Your desire is beyond personal will, and at the same time you are willing to become tremendous forces of awakening in the world.

Sixth chakra (third eye): Your relating becomes a psychic sharing involving sense perception beyond ordinary everyday awareness. You listen into the sound of silence and smell states of consciousness. Your energetic form becomes fluid and attachment to your manifest shape drops away.

Seventh chakra (crown): Your lovemaking becomes a melting with the divine – all that is. Sexual energy begins in the base of the body, and moves all the way up through the crown of your head. In this the ‘self’ disappears; you know for sure, experientially, that you are one with all that is.

With love, as with all good things, it is good to start at the bottom and work your way up. Aspiring to a seventh chakra relationship when you don’t have your rooting in the world strong, is asking for disaster and mega-illusion. Life will naturally move through you in this way; just let your ego get out the way of the process.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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