Principles of Female Sexuality

I have created a short video about the principles of female sexuality. The sexual anatomy of men and women points to a significant difference in the mystical principles underlying our sexuality. If a woman approaches lovemaking like a man, she will never be fulfilled. And yet, most women were initiated into sexual experience by male sexual partners.
I believe there was a time when the older women of the community would have introduced other women to the unique principles of feminine sexual essence. I believe that it is only in entering into our own sexual bodies with awareness that women will truly discover the mystery of feminine sexual essence. I have created my 7-module online course Awakening Your Feminine Sexual Essence as a way of guiding you through this discovery. The materials in this course are based on a decade of work with thousands of women across the world and takes women of any age through a process of clearing blocks to sexual awakening and entering into deep presence in our sexual bodies.

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