Reclaim Your Power

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Reclaim Your Power

Meditation-PowerIf you find yourself lacking energy – energy to change, energy to do what you most desire, energy just to be – then have a good look at where you attention is going. Attention is power. And power is energy. Have you ever heard the saying: Where attention flows, energy goes? That is quite literally true.

The human body is structured around a luminous core of energy, which runs all the way from the crown of your head down to your coccyx. This luminous core is situated just in front of the spine.

Close your eyes and take a moment to feel, imagine, see that energy line in the middle of your body. Start by focusing on the third eye point between your eyes. Imagine a line going in from there, into the centre of your head. In India, this area is known as the Cave of Brahman. In The Starflower, I refer to it as the Caesar’s palace. Hold your attention on that point. You might see it as a bright point inside the darkness of your body. Drop your attention down from that point to your coccyx, like an arrow of light shooting down. And then follow the energy line up from your coccyx back to the Ceasar’s Palace. From there, watch the energy line shooting up to the crown of your head. Now keep your attention on the totality of the energy line. Breathe into it for a while. Then relax.

What you have just done, is to centre your energy into your core. Sadly, most of us don’t even know that we have an energy core inside our bodies. And, we don’t even think about pulling our energy into our core. Instead, what we do is disperse our energy in all directions. We send ourselves off to many places. We don’t physically have to be somewhere to have part of our attention be there.

Please help your mind to understand this by drawing a diagram of all the places where you are sending your attention right now. Draw some circles on a page. In each one, name one place or person or activity that is holding your attention at the moment. Remember to put your own name in a circle, too. Then draw a red circle around the place which is getting most of your attention. And mark the circles to which you can clearly feel that you are losing your energy. Draw lines from the circle with your name in to all the other circles.

An interesting observation, is it not?

Now write down all the reasons why you are sending your attention out to other places. Have a careful look at them and decide for yourself whether you are willing to pay the cost of energy loss for the reasons which you have marked. Underline the ones that feel for you like valid reasons. Now do a polarity process on them. On the one side, write down the reasons. On the other side, write down their opposites. These are the places where your ego keeps your power trapped from expanding into its fullness. Offer it up. Do a prayer and ask Spirit to resolve these stuck places in your life and bring the polarities into unity. Notice what happens in your life.

There are a number of habits that are excellent ways of losing your power. These are:

Being judgmental of yourself or others.

Being prejudiced.

Being critical.



Being competitive and;

Being jealous.

If you practice any of these habits, you are sending your energy out to the other party like the darts of an assassin. Your soul leaks tremendous amounts of energy that way. We tend to practice these habits all the time, only noticing them now and again. Why do we do these things? One reason is that we think we can gain energy by taking it from outside of us. But energy does not work that way. You have abundant energy in yourself, all that you may ever need. But you will only feel that if you stop unconsciously giving away your energy or taking from another.

What to do to change these habits? Simply by bringing them into awareness.   A good place to practice awareness, is when you are driving or doing a similar routine task, like cooking. The best is to practice amongst people who affect your lives. Put up a little note in your car saying something like: Be aware. Whenever you see the note, watch to see whether you are judging the people driving past, criticizing yourself, or being jealous of someone. When you catch yourself doing this, pull back your energy.

You can visualise it like this. See the energy line running from your centre to the place where you have sent your attention. Then literally pull it back in, like a rope. Pull it back into your energy centre. Or imagine that the person to whom you have sent your energy, is like a fish about to grab the hook at the end of your fishing rod. Pull in the rod, immediately, and call back that hook! Catch yourself also of course when you judge yourself, and pull back that hook. Do this as a regular practice, diligently, and you will be amazed at how much more present you become.

When you are fully present in the moment, with all of you there, you have all the power, all the energy, to do what you wish to do. The way to send out your energy is to send it out from your core, with awareness. Keep your crown chacra and your root chacra open all the time.   When you are sending energy out, let it come up through your feet and down through your crown. When you do this, you are neither giving away your life force or taking someone else’s. You are allowing the limitless energy of the universe to flow through you.


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