Say Yes to the Eros of Life

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Say Yes to the Eros of Life

We have been trained to be productivity machines, which devoids our lives of true meaning and sensual pleasure. It is time to return the rhythm of our days to devotion of Eros. In early Greek mythology, Eros was a primordial God involved with the coming into being of the world. Later, he became depicted as the mischievous son of Aphrodite whose arrow would ignite passion between lovers. The word Eros means Love or Desire. It refers to the original impulse of life, bursting forth from the seed, and growing endlessly – for no reason other than as an expression of Love and Life’s Desire itself.

It is time to de-civilize ourselves and return to the original, primordial impulse of Eros in our living. Let every gesture become an expression of love and passion only – so that even productivity, and success, become servants at the feet of Eros. Eros gets ignited between lovers – and inside us, every moment.

Try this:

Right now, feel into your body, into the places where life pulses and flows and breathes and sings. Feel how the erotic impulse is alive in you in this moment – a thought, a feeling, an emotion. Even if you get just the faintest taste of this eros, dive into it. Let the awareness of the inherent presence of Eros grow inside you until it becomes a symphony, a song that sets your cells alight with joy and mirth.

And if you have a lover, bring this discovery of Eros to the meeting with him or her. Let that glance, those words said in love, the sweep of hair, the slight touch, ignite itself in in you into a free fall of surrender and pleasure. All you have to lose is your familiar sense of self. What you have to gain is the opportunity live in the kingdom of Eros, now and forever. Forever is in the now, in this space of singing enjoyment and only abiding in love.
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