Sexual Somatic Presencing

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Sexual Somatic Presencing

Sexual somatic presencing is a term I developed to talk about how we can become more profoundly present in our bodies while making love, and how we can approach deepening presence in our lovemaking through the body/soma. The terms mean the following:

  • Somatic refers to experience in the body or soma.
  • Sexual somatic refers to experience in the sexual body.
  • Presencing refers to practices that assist us in becoming more present – in this case, in our bodies, with our sexuality.

Sexual somatic presencing teaches you how to work with the body/soma on several levels, including the following:


1. Understanding the autonomic nervous system, how it responds to trauma and suppression, and how to release it into its natural, healthy flow

Our sexual response is intimately connected to the functioning of our nervous system. When the nervous system is out of balance, this affects our sexual response. Most often, our sympathetic nervous system (known as the flight, fight, fuck and freeze response) is over activated in our sexuality. An over activation of the sympathetic nervous system leaves us over alert and unable to deeply enjoy the art of lovemaking. The sympathetic nervous system gets over activated through sex that is focused on excitement. and also through subconscious memories of trauma and fear. I teach somatic practices that assist you in releasing the frozen response of the sympathetic nervous system and to bring it back into balance with the parasympathetic nervous system.


2. Reading and working with body armoring

Body armoring is our unconscious emotional defense against feeling sensations or emotions. We defend ourselves against feeling too much. It manifests in the body as either numbness to feeling or oversensitivity to touch and intimacy. The effect of body armoring can be felt in the skin tone; the skin responds to touch in a way that bounces the touch off, creates an electrical reaction, retracts from the touch or breaks out in stickiness or sweat. Considering that, for women especially, our skin is our main sexual organ, it is important to learn how to work in the body with this unconscious skin response to intimacy.

The movements of the muscles under the skin also get affected by body armoring. Muscles become taut and unable to respond to touch. The synapses in the muscles fire off too fast. As a consequence, the communication between our cells, body to body, become a cacophony rather than a symphony. When we are able to slow down and feel with our muscles, we become like soft clay, and bodies can literally mold into each other.


3. Working with the subtle energetics of the erotic body and opening up the flow here

Our sexual bodies do not only consist of organs and hormones. Sexual intimacy is actually a celestial dance that happens on the finest levels of the body – what the yogis called the subtle body. In Sexual Somatic Presencing, you learn how to activate sexual energy in the sexual organs and direct it through the subtle body that consists of nadi’s and the chakra system.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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