Your Sexuality Rises Up From The Earth

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Your Sexuality Rises Up From The Earth

She finally admits to me why she has come to see me: “I’ve never had an orgasm. My body just won’t cooperate. I feel like such a fake.” These are the words of literally hundreds of women who have spoken to me over the years. And they speak for thousands – if not millions, more. Every time I hear this from a woman, this conviction that there is something wrong with her sexuality: I feel a pang through my heart – if only she knew what her sexuality is really about. And then I set to work, as I do with you here now.


There is a basic misunderstanding we have in our world that our sexual energy is something personal and it expresses as a personal orgasm for those who are lucky enough to have the knack of it.


The truth is this: Sexual energy is not personal at all. It is the pure power of LIFE. It comes up through the earth and enters our bodies from a source way beyond the boundaries of our skin. When we open to sexual energy in this way, rather than insist that it is some personal event that we desperately have to strive for – then the orgasmic energy of all of life starts to ripple through us.


Close your eyes and follow me in this guided visualization:

With your eyes closed, imagine that you can look to the inside of you and down into the center of the earth.
Take your attention all the way down the dark layers of the earth right to the molten core of her.
Feel the aliveness of her, right there, in that pulsing core of fire.
Imagine that fire as pure sexual energy rising up – through the dark layers of the earth, through all the teeming life forms growing under the earth, life growing through the earth, in the earth, and coming up, through the soles of your feet, as pulsing, throbbing aliveness.
Let the fine currents of electricity coming from the core of the earth rise up through your feet, up your legs and right into your vagina/Yoni.
Let the heat of her enter as sensation right into your sexual core.
Relax, and simply feel it, like a radiant sun.
Then let that energy rise up from your yoni, through your body.
Let it set your body alight with power that does not belong to you as an individual and yet connects you to all that you are – as the bigger body of life.


Be gentle with yourself. Even if you only had the faintest glimmer of what I am suggesting here, take note. Write about it in your diary. Track that movement in your sexuality. Be more interested in this new discovery, this whispering voice, than in the louder, more familiar voices that bombard your experience from outside and from your past.


It will by pleasure to guide you deeper into this discovery of how your true sexual energy moves in my upcoming course Awakening Your Feminine Sexual Essence.



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