She Who Remains Hidden

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She Who Remains Hidden


For a woman to truly open to her sexual nature as an embodiment of the feminine, is to embrace the veiled and hidden quality of it. Our sexual ambrosia is hidden within the inner folds of the yoni (vagina and vulva). It cannot be seen through the outer gaze, but only through the inner. That one who disregards the temptation to play with woman as an object of beauty and truly devotes him/herself to seeing the shimmering soul-essence of Her – only such a one will be given entry in beyond the veils, and will learn to ‘see’ in this space that which remains forever hidden – like a night creature that has eyes to see in the dark.


It was not so long ago that woman’s value was still measured by what she could give sexually – as a wife or as a courtesan. The shadow of this culture still plays off in us, and we can use our sexuality in an often desperate attempt to prove our worth. Any movement of woman to display her sexuality in an overt way, will shut down the doors of inner Eros inside herself. If she were to ask her yoni about this, she (yoni) would say that she was angry about such display.


On the other hand, any veiled, flirtatious displays that are inviting yet not fully revealing – those may become the soul’s artistry in orchestrating the unfolding of mystery and discovery – a delightful dive into the unknown. Such flirtation must be a movement of pure innocence, and not any attempt at manipulating power. As power manipulation takes us right back into creating ourselves as objects of desire – rather than resting in the pure subjectivity of being.


At the end of the day, there is our pure naked form. In the prime of our lives, these bodies may have the perfect perky nipples – but as life moves through the riverbanks of our flesh, we get shaped in a thousand million different ways that do not match the ramp model picture of perfection. In the open, naked and loving embrace of the body exactly as she is, we are given access to the mysteries of aeons hidden between wrinkles as much as through breasts that are just barely beginning to form.There are secret pathways of receptivity through our wounds and weaknesses,  an unique downloads of consciousness coming through exactly the shape that our thighs, our bellies, or breasts, are taking right now.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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