Stop Looking Out There: SHE, the Sexual Feminine, Is In Here

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Stop Looking Out There: SHE, the Sexual Feminine, is In Here…

So, feminine sexual essence: where do we find the models that express what that is? For how long will we keep believing the version of feminine sexuality sold to us by fashion magazines, Hollywood, the porn industry? When will be stop believing that we can find our sexuality as women by comparing ourselves to other women or trying to meet the sexual expectations of men? The fact of the matter is that SHE – the fully fleshed emanation of feminine sexuality – does not live out there. She is in here – inside your body. But to find her there, you will first have to give up that quest to find her out there. Close the magazines. Put off the TV. Put away the makeup and the dresses. Drop everything. Close your eyes. And return to your naked soul.


Now follow me in this guided visualization:

With your eyes closed, take your gaze inwards, into the dark internal spaces of your body.

Breathe deeply.

With every in breath, invite life in. With every out breath, relax more deeply.

Sink into your body.

Feel the force of gravity pulling you down into the base of your body, into the pelvic bowl.

Feel your sit bones, your pelvic bones, your pubic bones, and the whole pelvic area resting within them.

Imagine the pelvic area as a bowl filled with warm liquid. Breathe into the round, undulating flow inside this bowl.

Take your breath right into the liquid. Discover in there, in the depths of your pelvic bowl, your vagina, also known as the Yoni.

You can increase your feeling awareness of your Yoni by gently squeezing and relaxing the muscles of the Yoni.

As you squeeze the muscles, imagine her as a flower closing her petals when the sun sets. And as you relax the muscles, imagine her opening, becoming deeply receptive, like a flower opening to the first light of the day.

Take some time to journal and reflect on your experience of this practice.



It is only through taking care to return to our sexual bodies, inside ourselves – it is only by returning to feel ourselves – that we will ever truly discover what feminine sexual essence is.   In my upcoming course Awakening Your Feminine Sexual Essence I offer myself to you as a guide to return you to an awareness of your inner sexual body. Over 7 weeks, we will take our attention back into our bodies, acquaint ourselves with our sexual bodies, and disentangle ourselves from that which separates us from living our true sexual radiance as women.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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