The Moon Whispered to Me….

On Sunday night, I found myself lying naked under a blanket on the earth, tears rolling down my face, red embers burning in the fire pit and a sky covered in stars shining shyly next to the brilliance of the almost-full moon above me. It was an icy mid-winter’s night but a warmth was washing through me because I was being so intimately present with my tender self, and with this magnificent moment on planet earth.

How seldom do we really take time to tune into the rhythms of life – to bathe, as I had the opportunity, in the light of the full moon, and the feel the texture of the dark moon? And what a gift of aliveness that awakens in us when we take the time to do so. It has often been said that life is what happens while we are busy making plans. So I invite you: Take some time this week to put aside your plans – and to listen to the rhythms of Life.

  1. Notice different phases of the day. What do you feel, smell, hear and taste as the day starts? Take a moment to really celebrate the quality of the start of this day. And notice the different textures of life as the sun begins to set. How is your inner life responding to the changing in the mood and expression of the day?
  2. Track the ways in which life naturally changes pace throughout the day. There are times when things move fast, and times when they slow down. We may call those waiting periods – but really, they could be times of rest, stillness and deep listening for us. How are you with the different rhythms of the day?
  3. Reflect back on your sexual life for the last few months. What rhythms do you see there – and how have you been riding the high-and low-tides of your erotic experience?

Life on planet earth is cyclical, and we humans fight to make it linear and goal-oriented. We suffer because of this – and particularly, the feminine suffers, because her entire nature is round and cyclical. This is reflected powerfully in our menstrual cycles.

Each phase of our cycle brings its own insights and wisdom, and guides us into a different way of being. When we are pre-menstrual, we are being called to be reflective and intuitive, and not to override our emotions with our mind. Menstruation is a time for deep rest and letting go. If we allow this resting, then we will be rewarded during the ovulatory phase with magnetism and the ability to effortlessly create from our imagination. If we ignore the wisdom of the cycle, we become burnt-out, frustrated and resentful.

I am very aware that we have not grown up with guidance on the mystical path of menstruation. That is why I am so excited to offer to you, together with Keriesa Botha, a 9-week initiation into the wisdom of your menstrual cycle and your sexual essence. We are calling this course Entering the Wisdom of Woman’s Sexual Cycles, and the course starts on August 2nd.

If you’ve always sensed that you could Iive in greater harmony with your menstrual cycle and long to embody your feminine sexual essence, then this is a wonderful opportunity.

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