Tingling up the Central Channel

Tingling up the Central Channel

Viijnana Bhairava Tantra 44th Sutra

In some moment when
The senses rest from flowing outward,
Notice the current of sensing
As it starts flowing upward.

Be alert to sensations,
Tinier than that of an ant walking on the skin,
Subtly tickling, as the undulating energy leisurely
Tingles up the central channel.

Witness this movement,
Touching every center, and
Know supreme delight.

(Radiance Sutras Translation)


Closed orificesDo this practice sitting up, with spine erect but relaxed and weight balanced between left and right. Upon closing eyes, turn your gaze inward into blackness. Let your senses drop inward. The following practice can help as it closes the sensory orifices.
Take a deep breath in.
With the pinky and ring finger, tighten the mouth.
With the middle finger, close the nostrils.
With the ring finger, close the eyelids.
With the thumbs, close the ears.

Hold the breath in a relaxed manner for as long as you comfortably can, and then release it. With eyes remaining closed and senses remaining turned inwards, notice the internal space of your body.

Repeat the closing of the orifices two more times.

Now take your attention to the perineum – the muscles between the anus and genitals that you use to withhold urine. Gently squeeze them and then relax them, imagining them opening up and softening to connect with the earth below. From the molten core of the earth below, visualize, sense or ‘hear’ a fine silver thread of energy traveling up through the crusts of the earth, up into your perineum and resting there.

Visualize the crown of your head on the fontanel; you can put a few fingers there to help you locate it. Now with your imagination and feeling sense, connect this point at the crown of your head with the point on the perineum. It will form an energetic hollow tube just in front of your spine, from perineum to crown.

Now focus all your sensory attention on this central channel/meridian which is called the shushumna or core light. Imagine energy and light being drawn into this channel from the outer peripheries of your body so that all light collects here in this central channel.

Drop into your pelvis and imagine your whole pelvic seat widening and deepening. Find some movement coming from there, either rocking or undulating in a slow, almost imperceptible way. Now allow your spine to follow the movement so that your entire spine is now swaying in its preferred way. The movement in the spine further wakes up the energy in the central channel.

After some time, simply become still and notice what you see, feel or hear in the central channel. You may become aware of energy traveling upwards from the perineum to the crown. This is a very subtle perception or sensation. The more you can relax into it, the more you will get in touch with it.

Become aware of the energy traveling up the central channel and touching each of the chakra points. Imagine this energy as a flow of liquid light, liquid delight – the finest champagne bubbles traveling up your center and filling you with timeless effervescence.

And know supreme delight.

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