Why is the erotic such a valuable tool for integrating what is in the unconscious?

Did you know that the polarized states of your ego structure are the keys to what is keeping you stuck?

In order to integrate our conscious and unconscious, we need to bring totality to every moment of our lives. To do this we need to deepen our capacity to stay present. This capacity is a direct result of our willingness and ability to feel and experience ALL of what life brings us.

“Every aspect of our experience – including our sexuality – can be used as a gateway to the full realization of our spiritual essence.” – Shakti Malan

In session 2 of Basic Sexual Shadow Work, a 7-week mini course starting Thursday 14 May we’ll explore Eros as a pathway into the unconscious and we’ll also learn why the erotic is such a valuable tool for integrating what is in the unconscious?

According to neurobiologist Candace Pert, “the body is the unconscious”. One of the most direct ways in which our bodies speak to us about what is in the unconscious is through our erotic impulses. 

Nature has given us an extraordinary vehicle for consciousness in the form of our beautiful breathing bodies. It is through our erotic response, that the body communicates to us what we have not yet fully integrated or accepted – the suppressed or denied beliefs, emotions and other experiences that are still drawing us back into the past…

So, if you want to know – to LIVE – higher truth, then open to your desire, open to your erotic impulse. Why? Because “Eros leads to gnosis”. Eros is the alchemical ingredient that transforms the human psyche, leading it to higher Truth and Realization…

So, if discovering the polarities that comprise your (perhaps compulsive?) sexual fantasies and learning how to bring presence and integration to these unconscious polarities and projections is calling you, then we invite you to join us on this 7-week journey of exploration into personal and collective sexual shadow themes…

PS. Registration for Basic Sexual Shadow Work 7-week mini course is open now until Thursday 14th May. We are offering a Covid-19 discount price of $197 to everyone who enrolls. (50% off our regular price of $395). And you can retake the course in the future – for free! – as many times as you like. 

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