You are the black night sky

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You are the black night sky

I invite you to feel yourself
as the black night sky
from which the stars are born
as the silence before all sound
and the song that comes from this silence
I invite you to embrace your death
and who you are beyond death
I invite you to embrace life
like dripping warm honey
like a roaring ocean
like a whispering flower
opening at first light

At the highest level, the masculine is consciousness (represented in the image of the black night sky). The feminine is the flower and song that comes from that deep emptiness and stillness of the masculine principle. She creates all forms. The union between the masculine and feminine comes from a full embodiment and the ongoing evolution of both.

Sex is what happens when the consciousness of the masculine penetrates the opening flower of woman’s form. Shakti regards sexuality as a gateway for spiritual awakening. Sexuality as commonly lived is about our personal wants and needs. To come to the true essence of sexuality, all the subconscious patterns that keep our sexuality small and personal are to be integrated back into our essence. As we drop deeply into our bodies, we feel the sexual pulse of all of life coursing through us, and our bodies become one with the vibrating body of life. We attune to the movements of the subtle body and let go our need to have a particular experience in the gross body.

In sexual partnership, we learn how to give ourselves so totally that our familiar self dies with every lovemaking, and the power of the love we make creates entirely new realities.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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