Celebrating Post-Patriarchal, Post-Feminist and Post-Goddess Woman

Celebrating Post-Patriarchal, Post-Feminist and Post-Goddess Woman


Post-Patriarchal Woman

At this moment in history, we find ourselves as a species steadily leaving the familiar harbor of Patriarchy which we all – men and women alike – created through our agreement. However much we may want to put Patriarchy in the Bad Box, the last 5 000 years of patriarchal paradigm has brought enormous evolutionary leaps to human consciousness. Simply looking at advances in science and internet technology makes this obvious. And yet, it is also clear that Patriarchy has served its purpose.

  • We have become so skillful in the Patriarchal paradigm that purpose/meaning has lost its relevance. Skill and prowess is rewarded without a second thought about the outcome, meaning or purpose of what is being achieved.
  • We have so effectively compartmentalized our minds that we can justify destroying species and ecosystems on the planet.
  • Patriarchy has masterminded division on all levels, including racism, sexism and – not so long ago – slavery.
  • Duality (right/wrong, good/bad, black/white) is a Patriarchal invention which has served us in many ways (e.g. scientifically) but has also trapped us in a quagmire of guilt, shame and judgment.
  • Still today in some Patriarchal countries, women have very little control over their sexuality – and in fact – any aspect of their lives.

As we sail out of the harbor of Patriarchy, let us reflect on who Woman is becoming through this transition.

  • No longer defined by her gender, she is free to participate in all levels of society.
  • If Woman jumps at the opportunity offered by the end of Patriarchy, she is no longer trapped in the Virgin/Whore split that has contracted her sexual expression into a polarity for so long. She discovers that her sexuality IS her purity, and that her Yoni (vagina) is an Inner Temple where the Divine is met, embodied.
  • Woman no longer needs to strive to be a Super-man (i.e. be better than men at everything they do including giving orgasms, and at the same time raise children, care for her partner etc.). She can actually become a Woman. That means she can jump off the treadmill of achievement and goals, and finally – finally – land back into her Body. To feel herself – and all of Life. To know herself. To relax, and drop deeply into her belly center, into the womb of creation. Finally, Woman becomes Woman in her primordial essence as the one who embodies transcendent realization – brings it all the way into the body.
  • Post-patriarchal Woman has the opportunity to abandon the competition, mistrust and cat fighting she developed as a main way of relating to other women. She discovers the meaning of Sisterhood.
  • Post-patriarchal Woman no longer needs to manipulate man to get what she wants. She lives from the Queendom of her Heart, and trusts what she knows from there.

Post-Feminist Woman

The feminist political backlash against Patriarchy was as necessary for our evolution as a species as Patriarchy itself. We will do well to remember and honor those who fought for liberation. And still today, the feminist philosophers express keys that open up new vistas of understanding and possibility. And we all sense the ways in which Feminism has gone sour in collective culture.

What happens when as liberated women we go past Feminism?

  • We discover that true freedom is an inner state in the first place rather than a political status. It is coming home to a deep honoring and loving of ourselves.
  • We realize that our natural Wildness is not the consequence of burning our bra’s – but of opening to the flow of our Feminine Essence – life coursing through us and creating through our lives, moment to moment, What She Will. Our job is simply to stay current, and stop trying to control the Magnificence of it all.
  • Post Feminist Woman is free to Love Man with wild abandon, and without political reservations. She relates to Man from a place of awe, fascination and deep love that is true and ruthless rather than sentimental.

Post-Goddess Woman

Post-Feminism has come the new-age Goddess culture. I say we’re ready to go beyond this as well. Here’s how:

  • The face of the Goddess that is 35 years old, has a tight bum and wears the latest yoga gear is just one face of Her Majesty. She has a hundred thousand faces, and some of them look like an old hag with dried out breasts and teeth falling out. That in us which holds on to some externalized idea of what a “Goddess” looks like, must die.
  • The sexual Goddess that knows every trick to please a man, the domestic Goddess that can cook up a storm, the girlfriend Goddess that knows just what to say to be liked – all these Goddesses must get washed off us like a face mask so we can finally See ourselves as we truly are and drop the need to be perfect. We can rip apart all the magazines that tell us what a Goddess looks like, what makeup she uses, what her sex life looks like, what her workout routine is and what her dietary preferences are.
  • There is a place within all of us that will take our true desire to unite with God and turn that into an object too – an object that has phenomenal market value. Thus, those 1% who govern the minds of the 99% can continue to make profit out of us and enslave us to the game of lack and gain, because we have come to believe that even our divinity is for sale. Truly embracing our God-essence means giving up the game.

When Goddess and God become One

Finally I will say this. For the longest time, spiritual pursuit has been dominated by men and masculine awakening with its focus on transcendence. Feminine spirituality brings what is realized in the transcendent into embodiment – form – thus transforming Life as we know it. The great spiritual masters of our time recognize the imperative that Feminine Spirituality must be returned to its rightful place.

The irony is that, contrary to how the world portrays femininity, the Feminine has nothing to do with appearances. She is the Pure Liquid flow of Love, ever-changing, and thus ever unattached to what appears now – and now – and now. She is utter Care, and in her care, she knows that in the realm of the Manifest, there must be Birth and Death, Agony and Ecstasy, Dark and Light. She has no preference for the state that arises, and she does not fall out of love – or close down – when sickness, pain or suffering shows itself. On the contrary, she regards everything – Everything – as a gateway for further realization of her God Self.

The Feminine Divine – our Goddess Essence – cannot exist without the Masculine Divine – our God Essence. Without his transcendent Clarity, her love will become sentimental, and she will re-create what already exists. Without Her, the God in us will simply transcend and miss the opportunity to embody our divinity in form.

Regardless of what gender body we come into this world with, ultimately we discover that we are both – God and Goddess – and our opportunity in this life is Divine Union of our transcendent and our immanent nature, our divinity and our humanity, our clarity and our love.



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