How to Unleash the Wild Woman you Are

How to Unleash the Wild Woman you Are

wild womanI’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: you’re not going to unleash the wild woman who can express herself sexually with abandon by getting drunk with your friends or going to a trance party. The Wild Woman in you doesn’t care what clothes you wear – sometimes the hippy garb is a distraction from her most potent expression. The Wild Woman is not a rebel – because rebellion is simply a counter-point attachment to the convention it is reacting against.

Contrary to popular belief, getting access to the Wild Woman (who, by the way, has always been in you and will never leave) is not a function of what you do or put on, but of your ability to Let Go. You will only ever drop into your wild, untamed natural self as a woman through the conscious and dedicated journey of noticing and letting go of that which you falsely identified yourself to be. Here are some examples:

You are Not your Body

While you, woman, are still identified with your body, you will be trying to get your body in shape and decorated to display the Wild, Sexy Woman. Sometimes I wonder if it takes a confrontation with death, such as I have had, to truly face the fact that this body will in fact die. As long as human beings believe they will live forever, we seem to be at liberty to waste our energy fretting and fussing about total nonsense, and thus wasting our life force. The Wild Woman in your will only wake up when you stop doing that – and letting Life take over.

Once you let go of the idea of My Body, something miraculous happens. You discover that the body you have been given is in fact Life’s vehicle to express herself through. You start to experience that your body is so much more than your physical senses can describe. And You don’t stop at the boundaries of your skin. You are able to intimately experience life beyond who you thought you were. Intimately, as your very own self. Because there never was any Other out there. That was only a game we played with ourselves.

You are not your Performance

Relax. The effort we’ve all been making to prove that we’re worthy of love, acceptance and appreciation is another game we’ve been playing with ourselves. Consider the volumes of energy that in your lifetime has gone into performing – as a sexual partner, a mother, an employee, a family member, a friend. When you took away the obligation, the internalized pressure to be something for someone – what is the real motivation that you’d be left with – to do anything at all? Go with that. And you’ll find how the Wild Woman moves.

Nature is your Womb

To get in touch with our Wild Nature, we need to return to our Womb. The womb or belly center is a mystical gateway in the body through which we can drop deeply into the earth below us. Try this now.

Come to sit in a way that your spine is open and balanced. Close your eyes. Imagine that you are looking inwards and down, right into your belly and down to your pelvic floor. Relax your breath so that the weight of your body is returned to gravity. Now imagine your pelvic floor opening and a thick red taproot growing from there into the center of the earth. Through this root, begin to drink in the nourishment that comes from Mama Gaia. And listen deeply into her from your womb.

Through the practice of dropping our attention into the womb space and listening from there we will discover that we are not separate from nature or from the earth. The gift of this discovery is that in restoring the uninhibited flow of nature through our bodies, we cannot help but live our Wild Essence. The cost is that we get to feel everything. Through attunement between our belly and the belly of the earth, we get to discover how our unwillingness to feel as human beings has resulted in our psycho-spiritual debris being dumped into the earth – and she is suffering.

When we open our connection back up to Her, we will begin to feel what we have not wanted to feel – the anger, the sadness, the grief, the desolation, the abandonment – our own, and that of humanity. That much feeling will stretch our capacity to the utmost – but if we surrender rather than trying to control – then She, our Wild Essential Nature, will increase our capacity to feel. And as our capacity to feel all the unfelt feeling increases, so too will our capacity for Bliss.

Join me for a journey of returning to your wild, natural sexual nature: Awakening your Feminine Sexual Essence is a 7-week online course I’ve created to initiate your sexual flowering. Starting 20 October 2016. 

Here is what some previous course participants have had to say:

“I immediately adopted looking inside at the black/space/consciousness of the masculine, which holds the sensations/being of the feminine. . .that truly intimate connection .. . i am more aware of my feminine and masculine sides .. . i tune into my inner sensations more, and am rewarded with more relaxation and flow .. . . when i remember, i send a shoot down into Mother Earth for support. . .i’m just beginning to understand myself as truly a feminine being … .and what that means .. . it’s a deepening, and i have loved feeling this .. . .thank you, Shakti for all this inspiration and wisdom!!” – Reva

“Taking this course was a wonderfully transformational experience, I was able to dive deeper into my inner being than I ever thought possible. Shakti is a true teacher, sharing a profound inner wisdom, light and truth with women all over the world. Eternally grateful for all I have learned!” – Carla


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